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Empty Promises or I Swear I’ll Be A Better Blogger…someday.

It’s been a long time blogger friends…a very long time! Before you start throwing cyber stones at me, please give me a chance to explain. I haven’t been a neglectful blog-writer just because. I have reasons!

I haven’t shared this with you all before, but in my attempt to redeem myself I’ll share the reason for my hiatus. Brace yourself- my husband has been battling cancer. Since January we have faced 2 surgeries, a round of radiation, multiple physician visits, and a mountain made up of fear and worry. It has been a beautiful and traumatic journey that has not been nearly as bad as one would imagine. However, cancer sucks. It’s no fun. It takes you (and your emotions) to hell and back. It is more exhausting and trying than anything I could possibly imagine! But we have made it! I have the urge to shout that from the roof tops! WE HAVE MADE IT! We have lots of follow ups to come, but hopefully, we are on the down hill slope and D will have a complete cure. This is my prayer and my meditation daily.

I have not shared that with you before for many reasons. Lack of time and a need for privacy being the two most prominent. And because honestly I really haven’t given much thought to the backyard in the last several months. I am only divulging it now because you, my readers, deserve at least that nugget of information. I hope that you’ll all be understanding and give me another chance to entertain you with tales from my backyard!

We are down to 2 chickens. Harry and Sally. Sally laid her very first egg last week! We aren’t sure of the day but when we found her “stash” there were 3 there- so its safe to assume she’d been laying for 3 days. Harry refuses to lay an egg. I think it’s her way of punishing me and D for giving her a boy name. Maybe she’s sexually confused. IDK. I’ve been letting them free range around the backyard since it’s just the two of them and they love it!

I plan on bringing more chickens into our brood in the next couple of months. I want to get them past the tiny baby stage before it starts getting cool. Stay tuned for that!








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Everything is Growing

The combination of heat and adequate amounts of rain has caused all the plants in my garden to spring up!

The tomato plants are starting to flower which means before long they’ll bear fruit! I planted Early Girls thinking they would produce long before any of the others, but my celebrities are flowering and keeping up! I cannot wait to harvest fresh tomatoes from my backyard! I can already tell you that I’ll live off of them this summer!


The cucumbers are also thriving. Take a look at the picture below. Do you see how big the leaves are getting? It seems like that just happened over night! We have got to get a trellis put up for them to climb! I think they’ll grow better if we get the plants up and off the ground. We’ll see!



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Whatcha Working With?

To have a blog about gardening you should probably first have a garden. To have a garden you need a place to put said garden. Tonight I’ll tell you about what I’m working with.

…is minimal. Seriously. I have an average size backyard. Nothing over the top or special. There is a yard with a privacy fence. I cannot even say that I’ve got good grass because I don’t. We’ve got a very lush and green weed mixture! I recently asked my husband if we should put out some weed and feed- his response- “well then all we’d have is dirt!” True. I love my backyard though (probably more than I should but it’s our first home so I see it through rose colored glasses!). There is one really good Post Oak shade tree but other than that the entire yard gets direct sun- all day. We get a lot of birds to the feeder that we have in that tree- Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Dove are the most frequent visitors 🙂 they are super fun to watch!
The chickens have their own small space is the back corner of the yard. This way they are 1) not ruining what little grass (weeds) I’ve got and 2) we don’t have to look at their coop every time we step outside. Seriously, it’s not very cute. I got completely ripped off by a friend who claimed to be a “carpenter” but that’s a story for another day.

I chose to go with raised beds for my garden because of the above stated issue. My yard doesn’t grow grass very well so I don’t have a lot of faith that vegetables would do any better. My husband, “D”, built me 4 raised beds out of 8ft privacy fence pickets. They measure 4′ x 8′ each and are rectangle shaped. Obviously. I truly do not know why I felt the need to clarify that 🙂
We filled the beds with soil purchased for $60 a truck load from a local nursery.

There was no method to my madness when choosing plants for my garden. I wanted to plant things we would actually eat and I did not want to spend a whole lot of money. Here is a list of what I currently have planted:

Arkansas Traveler
Bush Goliath
Golden Jubilee
Husky Red Cherry
Early Girl

Green Bell Peppers
Sweet Banana
Thai Hot Red

Romaine *started from seeds given to me by a dear friend.

Clemson Spineless

Straight 8
Boston Pickling

Purple *sprouted from part of an onion D threw in the dirt just to see if it would work. It does!
Yellow *given to me by my neighbor

I have no clue what kind this one is!
Number of total plants in my beds: 40
Total cost of plants: $60.00

I bought everything at my local feed store except the strawberry plant. It came from Home Depot.

I did try to be somewhat picky about the plants I bought. I inspected the leaves carefully and only chose plants that had no discolorations, small bugs, or visible damage. They all looked healthy and fresh.

There you have it! The foundation of my garden. I hope it will all come together and produce a great bountiful crop soon!




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