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Like all good Southerner ladies I picked up the August edition of Southern Living today. I love that magazine- saying anything negative about it would, in my opinion, be blasphemy.
My fondness of the magazine stems largely from my memories of looking at them growing up. My Mimi always got Southern Living in the mail. We would go to the post office and pick up the mail on Saturdays and the first thing I did was thumb through looking at the beautiful homes and tasty looking recipes. Looking at the magazine today is a bit of nostalgia for me. It brings back that familiar feeling. I love it.

This month’s addition has an article called The Porch written by Rick Bragg that gave me that old feeling and brought memories to light that had began to fade. While reading Mr. Bragg’s memories of his childhood porch, I was compelled to share memories I have of sitting on front porches as a child.

I was blessed enough to grow up knowing my great-grandparents. We visited them every single Sunday from the time I was born until they passed away when I was about 14. We may have missed one every now and then, but in my mind’s eye and memory, it seems like literally every Sunday the entire family would gather for lunch.
When I think back on those days I remember several things, but I wish I could recall every single detail. It’s funny how things don’t seem that important until they don’t happen anymore. I long to hold on to some of those traditions because they were fun. They were simple. And they made me who I am.

Blue Cream Soda
One of my great-uncles always brought a cooler full of these that sat on the porch for the day. I don’t know that he particularly like them- I’m assuming he must have- but who knows??? When I see one now I HAVE to have it. It’s no longer a drink to me- it’s an experience.

Home Made Ice Cream
Vanilla, strawberry, and peach. I don’t remember any other flavors ever being made. Who needs anything else when you have Heaven in a bowl? I made my own this year for July 4th. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and it made me think- I am now the age that the old generation was when they started doing the exact thing for their families. That is a special feeling.

Porch Swings
They are the most therapeutic thing in existence. If more people had them, more therapists would be out of work! We use to swing like our life depended on it. The kids would get into arguments over “whose turn” it was! On a hilarious note- some cousins and I were swinging, and I guess there were too many of us or we were too heavy, or maybe someone just did a really crappy job of hanging the swing, but it fell while we were mid-swing! I barely remember that now- but it still makes me chuckle! Typing this now make me realize how much I want a swing!

If you know what it is- you rock! If you don’t, I’m sorry, you have truly missed out!
42 is a domino game. Usually people play on teams of two. I haven’t played on for-ev-er… So I can’t remember all the rules. I’m going to have to re-learn! Anyway, the “old people” always played when I was growing up- very loudly! I’m talking slamming dominoes on the table, keeping score, raising voices. Thinking back, that was kind of extreme.

We must have walked thousands of miles. For no good reason, we just walked to walk…and talk. Granny and Paw Paw lived about 150 yards from my Mimi and Papa and about 100 yards from the cemetery where most of our family is buried. We walked to the cemetery all the time (yep, kinda creepy!) Granny would tell us stories about the different people who were buried there. I don’t really know how that got started- but it was nice.

I have 11 first cousins and got to see all of them on a regular basis. I didn’t realize it then but that is special. Not many kids get the chance to have those close relationships. Not all of us went to school together- but we knew on Sundays everyone would be there telling tales, playing hide and go seek, and just plain having fun.

Go sit on your porch. Or your neighbor’s porch. Or, for that matter, anyone’s porch who will let you sit with them a spell. Listen to the cicadas sing. Swat mosquitos. Take it all in.


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Empty Promises or I Swear I’ll Be A Better Blogger…someday.

It’s been a long time blogger friends…a very long time! Before you start throwing cyber stones at me, please give me a chance to explain. I haven’t been a neglectful blog-writer just because. I have reasons!

I haven’t shared this with you all before, but in my attempt to redeem myself I’ll share the reason for my hiatus. Brace yourself- my husband has been battling cancer. Since January we have faced 2 surgeries, a round of radiation, multiple physician visits, and a mountain made up of fear and worry. It has been a beautiful and traumatic journey that has not been nearly as bad as one would imagine. However, cancer sucks. It’s no fun. It takes you (and your emotions) to hell and back. It is more exhausting and trying than anything I could possibly imagine! But we have made it! I have the urge to shout that from the roof tops! WE HAVE MADE IT! We have lots of follow ups to come, but hopefully, we are on the down hill slope and D will have a complete cure. This is my prayer and my meditation daily.

I have not shared that with you before for many reasons. Lack of time and a need for privacy being the two most prominent. And because honestly I really haven’t given much thought to the backyard in the last several months. I am only divulging it now because you, my readers, deserve at least that nugget of information. I hope that you’ll all be understanding and give me another chance to entertain you with tales from my backyard!

We are down to 2 chickens. Harry and Sally. Sally laid her very first egg last week! We aren’t sure of the day but when we found her “stash” there were 3 there- so its safe to assume she’d been laying for 3 days. Harry refuses to lay an egg. I think it’s her way of punishing me and D for giving her a boy name. Maybe she’s sexually confused. IDK. I’ve been letting them free range around the backyard since it’s just the two of them and they love it!

I plan on bringing more chickens into our brood in the next couple of months. I want to get them past the tiny baby stage before it starts getting cool. Stay tuned for that!







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Hi fellow bloggers! I know that from my last blog entitled “I’m Back”, you probably assumed I’d get back to making regular posts. NOT! For some unknown reason I’ve had a case of laziness writers block and truthfully, the backyard has been a pretty uneventful place.

The chickens have been scratching around the yard…there are still two of them- so I’m deeming myself a chicken raising master!

We’ve been getting a little rain and it has been H-O-T so the grass has been growing like crazy!

Guess what else has been growing like crazy… Yep! The garden has been growing by leaps and bounds every week- but it hasn’t been anything really picture worthy because, other than a few cukes and some okra, nothing had really ripened yet…until today!


I picked these today! And they were delish!!!!!!!


These 4 are Early Girls. I guess the name is appropriate because they were the first to ripen! By the end of the week there will be even more to pick from some of the other plants!

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I’m Back!

Hi fellow bloggers! After a brief hiatus, I’m back! It feels so great to be back in the backyard and working in my garden!

I was stunned to see the growth that occurred in just 1 week! Yes, I was only gone 1 week…and yes, I know I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks I wish that I could just sit in the backyard all the time and blog continuously about all the awesomeness that occurs here…but unfortunately life gets in the way of that…maybe one day I can find a way to get paid for working in my garden!!! That would rock!

Check out what’s been happening around here lately:



I am SO proud of my first bounty! It was very therapeutic to pull these things off the vine…I cannot explain the satisfaction it brought me! I am instantly regretting not planting more!



These are just a couple of shots of the whole garden. Isn’t it amazing what you can do in such a small space?


I even had this little lady visit the backyard today! Nothing puts me in a good mood like seeing a lady bug! Don’t make fun of me…I’ll take good luck any way I can get it!!!


And now for a little confession- I’m down to these two chickens. I know- It seems like I have completely sucked at raising these chicks! However, it has just been a series of unfortunate events (the hawk and Cotton- our dog, being those unfortunate events) that have placed me in this position! I feel terrible for these little guys because between watching the sky for the next dive bomb and trying to keep one eye on our sneaky blue healer, they can’t catch a minutes rest!
I have vowed to keep a closer eye on them, and if these two make it to the fall “D” and I are going to build them a better coup with a protected little yard just for them!

I am about to begin canning so I can put up some of my veggies. Anyone know of a good book?

As always, thanks for stopping by the backyard! Come back soon!

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What’s the dill, pickle?!?!


Look what came out of the garden!

D and I are still away, but my mom is keeping an eye on the backyard…and one of the perks of watching someone’s garden for them is that if anything matures or ripens while you’re there you get to eat it! So my mom got to enjoy this little puppy! She said it was delish! I cannot wait to get home and try one!

Anyone have a great pickle recipe? I want to can some when all my cucumbers are ready!

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Confederate Rose

Is anyone out there familiar with the Confederate Rose?
Yesterday D and I noticed this pretty flower growing on a bush in our backyard!
I have never thought anything about the bush- it was just there. About 5 foot tall, with dark green leaves. I’ve certainly never watered it. There was no reason to! Lol!
D’s first thought was that it is a Confederate Rose. I’ve looked it up on the Internet and it looks like it could be- except for one thing, ours is this pretty pink color. From what I’ve read, they start out white in the morning and by the end of the day they are red. The picture above was taken at about 8 PM. Why isn’t mine red?!?!
Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated! I want to know what this is 🌸

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A Look Outside

The garden continues to grow daily by leaps and bounds. Take a look:

I ate one of the strawberries today and it was delicious! This variety doesn’t seem to get very big but they are still very tasty!

The cucumbers are coming along too!
There are about 8 to 10 that are this size and there are tons that are tiny. I can’t wait to make pickles using my own cucumbers and dill!
My great-grandmother use to make homemade sweet pickles that had a spicy kick to them…I’m going to try and figure out how she did it and make some with these.

Remember when I told you I got lettuce seeds from a friend??? Well here is the product! Healthy Romaine.

The tomatoes are still doing really well! I’ve got 29 tomatoes on the vine as of today. The ones pictured here are cherry reds.

And the onions! We’ve already cut the greens and used them a couple of times and they are already this big again!

The okra. Hasn’t changed much in the last couple of days. But it still looks great. It continues to grow. I have a feeling we are going to have more than we know what to do with!

You haven’t heard me talk about the peppers a lot because I haven’t been too pleased with them. They are just now producing these tiny little peppers and all of my gardening friends already have huge peppers on their plants. When I planted these I think I put them a couple of inches too deep. Hopefully now they have gotten over the hump! I’ll know better next year!

And last but not least, the baby chickens! Lol! They aren’t exactly babies anymore. And thankfully they are out of that really ugly stage. They actually look like real chickens. I’m sure you noticed in the picture that there are only 4! The hawk got another one. These little guys have managed to survive 2 hawk attacks, 2 down pours, and 2 dogs. Hopefully we are in the clear now and they can live the rest of their days peacefully!

I will be away from the backyard for a little while, but no fear, my mom is coming to tend to everything while we are away! I can’t let all this hard work go to waste 😉
As soon as I am able I’ll be back to show you how it’s all coming along in Britt’s Backyard. See you soon!

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