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How Hard Can It Be?

First of all, I’d like to say welcome to my blog 🙂 I am new to blogging (as well as gardening) so I am sure this will all be a great adventure.

I’ll start our relationship with a confession. I love projects. Okay that’s a lie. I love the idea of projects. More than once (really more times than I can count) I have gotten a very lofty idea, became overly excited about it, and then ran full speed with it for about a hundred yards. Unfortunately that is when I usually realize all the crap that goes along with my “super cool idea” and decide that maybe project X isn’t for me. My husband can attest to this. He is logical. Realistic. He thinks about the negative aspects of ideas before he nose dives into them. If I had a quarter for every time I have heard him say “are you sure you want to do that? It’s really a lot of work” I’d be a very rich girl. Instead of thinking about his question- I usually end up giving him a lengthy lecture about how I can do ANYTHING! And OF COURSE I WANT TO DO IT! I’VE WANTED TO DO THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!

So this is pretty much how we’ve ended up where we are now. Shoulder deep in another project. The only difference in this project and the others is that this one contains live animals…and a garden…a pretty big garden for someone who has never gardened before. Remember, it’s an adventure! Why just grow a garden when you can grow a garden and have chickens?!?! And we’ll do it all right in the middle of town on our 1/2 acre lot. Recent reading tells me what I am doing is called “Urban Gardening”. I’m glad it has a name- it makes me feel more legit and a little less like a hippy (not that I have a problem with hippies, I actually enjoy the vibes that hippies put off).

Back to the story, I’ve raised chickens before (in high school for 4H) and I helped my grandparents in their garden when I was young so I am not going in to this totally blind. I know it is hard work. But, I want to grow my own food. I want to taste things that taste as good as they did when I was a little girl. I am going to do it. Jump on board and join me. I’ll share my successes (and failures), humor, pictures, maybe even a few recipes here and there. It’ll be fun!


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