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Caterpillar eggs

Have you ever seen one??? Until this year I hadn’t! I don’t know how, but I had inhabited this Earth for 25 years without ever seeing this before:

Now, this isn’t something that you would see and forget about (at least I wouldn’t!) so tell me how I’ve missed out on the knowledge of these for my entire life???!!!!

I’ve decided caterpillars are something “good” gardeners use to make you feel inadequate. I mean, they are naturally here and left alone they will ruin your entire crop of tomatoes before you can blink…but has anyone ever told you that you can pick off the leaves before these little puppies hatch (thus saving your precious tomatoes)? Nope- me neither…instead, I was told things like “oh yeah, those caterpillars will just eat up your tomatoes if you dont watch it” or “just put some pesticides on those plants to keep the worms off!”
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have a side of sevin-dust with my tomato and cucumber salad…all the antioxidants in the world couldn’t possibly help me out with the blight that would surely bring!
So here is a little gardening tip I picked up from my garden guru (aka my husband 🙂 ): look at the bottoms of all of the leaves on your tomatoes plants. If you see little clusters of eggs (see picture above or below) pick that leaf off and discard it somewhere far away from your plants.
I have not put any pesticides on my plants all year and have only lost 2 or 3 tomatoes to caterpillars- and all of those got eaten up before my hubby shared this little golden nugget of information with me 🙂 remember, for this to work, you really need to do it at least every other day. I do it about that often and still find eggs here and there.



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